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Yangers Airsoft Battery 2 Pack 11.1V Li-ion 2000mAh

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These high-capacity, high-discharge batteries are tailored for extended gameplay, offering superior performance and safety features. Compatible with leading airsoft gun models and equipped with a smart USB charger, they are your go-to choice for reliability and endurance in the heat of battle.

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Yangers Airsoft Battery 2 Pack 11.1V Li-ion 2000mAh, a powerhouse duo that promises to keep you at the forefront of action without interruption. With their advanced Li-ion technology, these batteries offer an impressive 11.1V and 2000mAh capacity, ensuring your airsoft guns perform at their peak for longer durations. The SM-2P plug connector and compact dimensions of 106mm in length, 19mm in width, and 19mm in height, combined with a lightweight design at just 72g, make these batteries a perfect fit for a wide range of airsoft models and even RC cars and drones—Yangers Airsoft Battery 2 Pack 11.1V Li-ion 2000mAh.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Discharge Rate: Featuring a 10C discharge rate, these batteries surpass the standard performance of 11.1V NiMH batteries, offering you an enhanced rate of fire and reliability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to power popular airsoft models like the M4, AK47, MP5K, and many more, these batteries ensure you’re always battle-ready. Including a mini Tamiya connector further extends their usability to RC cars and drones.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Unlike NiMH batteries, which can pose risks under certain conditions, these Li-ion batteries are encased in a safe, heat-dissipating material, reducing the risk of overheating or damage during intense use.
  • Smart Charging Technology: Thanks to the built-in intelligent chip, these batteries are protected against overcharge, overload, and overvoltage when accompanied by an intelligent USB charger. An intuitive indicator light system makes monitoring the charging process effortless and secure.

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