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Vorsk Tracer BBs – 0.20g – Green – Biodegradable (1100) Price:  Original price was: £6.99.Current price is: £6.20. (as of 19/05/2024 08:20 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Illuminate your airsoft battles with Vorsk Tracer BBs – 0.20g – Green – Biodegradable (1100). Engineered for superior performance and accuracy, these triple-polished, high-quality BBs are suitable for all airsoft replicas and glow brightly in the dark for an immersive gaming experience. Enjoy the thrill of night battles with the added benefit of environmental responsibility.

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Vorsk Tracer BBs – 0.20g – Green – Biodegradable (1100) redefines the airsoft gaming experience, blending high performance with environmental sustainability and exciting tracer functionality. Manufactured to the highest standards, these premium BBs deliver Tier 1 shot performance, ensuring players achieve unparalleled precision and reliability during gameplay. With a diameter of 5.95mm, Vorsk BBs are perfectly suited for Tightbore (<6.03mm) inner barrels, offering compatibility across all airsoft replicas.

The triple polishing process these BBs undergo is a testament to Vorsk’s commitment to excellence. This meticulous finishing enhances their flight performance and significantly improves shot-by-shot accuracy, enabling players to hit their targets with greater consistency. The high manufacturing standards, including a tight tolerance of (+/- 0.01mm), effectively minimize feeding issues, ensuring a smooth and reliable feeding into your airsoft gun.

In line with today’s environmental concerns, Vorsk Tracer BBs are biodegradable, adhering to the internationally recognized ISO 14855-1 standard for biodegradable plastics. This commitment to sustainability allows players to enjoy their game while contributing positively to environmental conservation.

The tracer feature of these BBs introduces an exciting dimension to airsoft battles. When used with a barrel-mounted airsoft tracer unit, Vorsk Tracer Ammunition glows brightly in the dark, allowing players to track their shots visually. This enhances the gaming experience and adds a layer of tactical advantage, especially in low-light conditions.

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