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VORSK Precision BBs – 0.30g – Biodegradable 3600 Rounds

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VORSK Precision BBs – 0.30g – Biodegradable 3000 Rounds are the perfect blend of performance and environmental responsibility for airsoft players. Ideal for 300-400fps replicas and designed for outdoor use, these triple-polished, high-tolerance BBs ensure exceptional gameplay while meeting BIO BB site requirements. Choose VORSK for a superior, sustainable airsoft experience.

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VORSK Precision BBs – 0.30g – Biodegradable 3600 Rounds, the eco-conscious choice for serious airsoft enthusiasts who demand performance without compromise. These 0.30g BBs are engineered for optimal use in airsoft replicas with velocities between 300fps and 400fps, making them an excellent match for upgraded and high-end airsoft guns. Designed for the great outdoors, these BBs excel in outdoor gameplay, where their superior flight characteristics can truly shine.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, these biodegradable BBs break down over time when exposed to natural elements, offering an environmentally friendly option for airsoft sites that require bio BBs. Each BB is a testament to VORSK’s commitment to quality, with a diameter of 5.95mm and a production variance of only ±0.01mm, ensuring consistent performance shot after shot. The triple-polishing process enhances flight and accuracy, while factory sorting guarantees that only the best BBs make it into each bottle.

Packaged in foil-sealed bottles for freshness and equipped with a re-sealable bag option to extend their lifespan, these BBs are as convenient as they are reliable. Whether carrying a small bottle in-game or storing a larger quantity between skirmishes, VORSK has provided various packaging options to suit your needs. Choose VORSK Precision BBs for your next outdoor airsoft adventure and experience the difference that quality and sustainability can make. VORSK Precision BBs – 0.30g – Biodegradable 3600 Rounds

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