Paintball Nottingham


The cost of this event is £39 per person.
You pay a £5 deposit per person on booking, and the balance of £34 per person is due on the day.
Easy, straightforward booking: choose a date on the calendar below and follow the instructions.

If you want to book a weekday event, please call us on 01757 289322.

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Paintball Nottingham – Event Details Summary

Event Name – Paintball Nottingham
Event Duration – 3 hrs
Paintballs Included – 500
Cost of the event – £39 Per Player
Deposit Required – £5 Per Player
Minimum Age – 12+ (Or year 7+)
Minimum Group Size – 12 Players
Balance due – On the day of the event
Additional Costs – Paintballs £8 Per 100
Recommendations – Must have at least one adult remain at the venue for the duration of the event if all guests under 14 yrs
Exclusivity – Available for groups of 20+

Paintball Nottingham Group

Paintball Nottingham – The Game Maps

Village Assault: Hide your ill-gotten gains in your rival gang base and get rid of them before the police find your stash. Only catch the rival gang got the same tip. Don’t let them set you up in the same way.

Tank Mania: Capturing tanks is key! Get as many tanks as possible in your possession by the end of the time.

The Wild West: Careful as you walk down this road, this may look like a normal street with it’s saloon, church, ticket office and jail house. Choose from different game modes to play on this map, become bandits or two rival families that battle it out for control of the homestead.

Bunker Hill: Rescue trapped horses and get them into the enemy pillar boxes.

The Castle: The Castle is a 5-sided 3-level construction. No one said that defending was easy, neither is attacking. Both teams will get a chance to attack and defend the castle. A great game map only at Paintball Nottingham.

Bridge Field: Each team starts with two footballs. Your objective is to take your footballs across the river, you can carry them till you get to the other side of the bridge after that you must drop them to the floor and kick it the rest of the way. Watch out for the opposition’s goalkeeper, though.

Close Quarters: Each team has its team flag. Capture the enemy’s flag and return it to your team’s base.

Paintball Nottingham Group of Players

Uncompromised safety and expertise

Our Paintball Nottingham venue strives to ensure that all plays have the best possible day. They do this by bringing impeccable safety, reliable equipment, and safe playing zones to the public. The quality of the equipment can make all the difference. The paintball markers, goggles and hoppers are regularly updated and replaced if needed. You can also purchase or rent out armoured gloves to protect your hands.


Yaptor Nottingham Location Map

Paintball Nottingham Address
Deerdale Lane, Newark, NG22 8SY
What 3 words – https://what3words.com/falls.starfish.patio

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