Paintball Leeds


The cost of this event is £15 per person.
You pay a £5 deposit per person on booking and the balance of £10 per person is due on the day.
Easy, straight forward booking.

If you would like to book a weekday event, please give us a call on 01757 289322.

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Paintball Leeds – Event Details Summary

Event Name – Paintball Leeds
Event Duration – 4hrs
Paintballs Included – 100
Cost of the event – £15 Per Player
Deposit Required – £5 Per Player
Minimum Age – 12+ (Or year 7+)
Balance due – On the day of the event
Additional Costs – Paintballs £10 Per 100
Recommendations – We recommend budgeting for around 500 paintballs per player for this event.

Paintball Leeds

Paintball Leeds

Discover the ultimate paintball experience at our Leeds Paintball Park, a celebrated destination with a 5-star reputation, perfectly positioned for paintball enthusiasts in and around Leeds. As a leading choice for “Paintball Leeds”, our facility is conveniently situated just 5 minutes from junction 45 of the M1, offering easy access for players from Leeds, York, and the wider South Yorkshire area.

At our Leeds Paintball venue, you’ll find unmatched professional facilities. We provide each player with brand-new paintball guns and gear, ensuring an exceptional, hassle-free paintball adventure. Our commitment to quality and seamless gameplay sets us apart as a top “Paintball Leeds” destination.

Step into our diverse game zones, each designed to elevate your adrenaline levels. Whether racing against time in our Fuel Dump scenario or engaging in strategic combat amidst life-sized tanks in our Tank Assault zone, each game offers a unique thrill. For those who prefer a more tactical approach, our Church Bell scenario allows you to outwit your opponents in a suspenseful setting.

Established in 1986 as one of England’s first paintball sites, our Leeds venue has honed the art of delivering exactly what players seek in a paintball experience. Embrace the excitement and camaraderie of “Paintball Leeds” at our renowned park, where unforgettable moments and thrilling adventures await.

Group of Paintballers


Game Maps

Tank Assault at Paintball Leeds

Experience the thrill of combat with life-sized tank replicas at our Paintball Leeds site. In Tank Assault, teams are challenged to maintain their composure under enemy fire, strategically using tanks to achieve victory. This zone demands cunning and quick thinking as you defend against opponents eager to dismantle your patrol. Coordinate your team’s movements, positioning experienced players at the forefront and sharpshooters providing cover. Tank Assault is a must-play for anyone seeking an immersive Paintball experience in Leeds.


Speedball tests the limits of all players, regardless of their experience level, in a fast-paced and intense battle. This scenario requires strict tactics and bravery. The smaller field size accelerates the action, making every shot count. Teams must work cohesively to outmanoeuvre their opponents. For newcomers at Paintball Leeds, we recommend practising before launching a full-scale attack. This zone is perfect for those who thrive under pressure and seek a high-adrenaline Paintball challenge.

Paintball Leeds Stag Do Group


Hobbit Field

Our Paintball Leeds site presents the unique Hobbit Field, a fan-favorite twist on classic Paintball battles. Teams must collaborate to help “Frodo” safely deliver the ring while eluding the enemy. Clever tactics and division into smaller squads are key to distracting opponents and safeguarding your precious cargo. This scenario calls for strategic planning and teamwork, offering a fun and imaginative spin on traditional Paintball games.

Church Bell

The Church Bell scenario offers a balanced mix of offence and defence. Teams are tasked with protecting their church from the enemy before the bell tolls. Stealth and strategy are crucial as you deploy your most discreet players to neutralize the enemy quietly. Anticipate the attack and have your seasoned players ready to defend. This game zone is a favourite for its straightforward yet engaging gameplay.

Fuel Dump

Fuel Dump, one of the newest additions, presents a formidable challenge even for seasoned players. This intense scenario requires teams to defend their fuel supplies against a relentless enemy. Close-range defense combined with long-range offensive strategies is essential. Teams must effectively utilize diverse skills and adhere to their roles to emerge victorious. Fuel Dump is ideal for those who relish a challenging, strategic Paintball experience in Leeds.



Easily Accessible

Paintball Leeds is located just off the A1 / A64 junction.

Yaptor Leeds Location Map



Paintball Leeds Address
Blackfen Woods, Bramham park east estate, South Approach, South Yorkshire, LS24 9NR.
Sat Nav Coordinates: N 53° 52′ 5″ W 1° 21′ 36″


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