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NUPROL RZR – Tracer Green Airsoft BBs – 0.25g (6000R) Price:  Original price was: £39.99.Current price is: £38.43. (as of 19/05/2024 08:20 PST- Details)

Light up the night with NUPROL RZR – Tracer Green Airsoft BBs – 0.25g (6000R). Engineered for superior performance and visual tracking in low-light conditions, these premium BBs are triple-polished for improved accuracy and reduced feeding issues, making them ideal for dynamic CQB engagements.

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NUPROL RZR – Tracer Green Airsoft BBs – 0.25g (6000R) are engineered to elevate your airsoft experience, offering unmatched precision and performance under night conditions. These BBs are triple polished and manufactured to a precise diameter of 5.95 mm, with an incredibly tight tolerance of (+/- 0.01 mm). This meticulous production process ensures that each BB delivers improved flight performance and reduced feeding issues, providing players with a seamless and enhanced gaming experience.

Understanding the critical role of quality ammunition in airsoft, NUPROL RZR BBs are subjected to rigorous quality control checks throughout their production. This ensures that every BB meets the high standards of tier-1 airsoft ammunition, equipping players with reliable and high-performing rounds essential for peak performance on the field.

With over a billion RZR BBs used by airsoft enthusiasts worldwide, their quality and effectiveness have been thoroughly proven. This extensive adoption by the community underlines the trust and confidence players have in NUPROL RZR BBs, making them a confident choice for anyone looking to improve their game.

These BBs fall into the lightweight category (0.20 – 0.28g), offering an optimal balance between speed and cost-effectiveness. While their lighter weight means they are more susceptible to wind, they are perfect for close-quarter battle (CQB) engagements, where rapid-fire and volume accuracy are key. Opting for a heavier BB might be beneficial for those seeking enhanced accuracy and range.

Crafted from a high-density polymer, NUPROL RZR Tracer BBs are made of dense polystyrene with heavier variants using natural, non-toxic, and non-ferrous materials to increase their mass. This composition ensures that the BBs are of premium quality and perform excellently. The tracer feature adds a dynamic visual effect to gameplay, allowing players to track their shots in low-light conditions, enhancing airsoft engagements’ strategic and entertainment value.

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