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NUPROL RZR – Biodegradable Airsoft BBs – 0.20g (2200R) Price:  Original price was: £10.99.Current price is: £9.99. (as of 19/05/2024 08:20 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

NUPROL RZR – Biodegradable Airsoft BBs – 0.20g (2200R) offer the pinnacle of airsoft performance with an eco-friendly edge. Triple polished for flawless flight and rigorously tested for quality, these BBs deliver exceptional gameplay while adhering to international biodegradability standards.

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NUPROL RZR – Biodegradable Airsoft BBs – 0.20g (2200R) revolutionize your airsoft play with an unmatched blend of performance and environmental responsibility. These premium BBs are meticulously triply polished and manufactured to a precise 5.95 mm diameter with a strict tolerance of (+/- 0.01 mm). This precision engineering ensures enhanced flight performance and significantly reduced feeding issues, offering a seamless and superior gaming experience.

NUPROL understands that quality ammunition is crucial for peak performance in the field. That’s why RZR BBs undergo rigorous quality control checks throughout their manufacturing process. This dedication to quality ensures that each BB meets the high standards required for tier-1 airsoft ammunition, providing players with the confidence to excel in any scenario.

With over a billion RZR BBs purchased and utilized by airsoft enthusiasts globally, their reliability and effectiveness have been thoroughly proven. This extensive use underscores the airsoft community’s trust in RZR BBs as a top choice for their gaming needs.

Designed for versatility, these lightweight BBs (0.20 – 0.28g) balance speed and cost-effectiveness. Their lighter weight allows for faster travel speeds, making them especially suited for close-quarter battle (CQB) engagements where rapid fire and volume accuracy are key. For those seeking improved accuracy and range, a shift to heavier BBs is advisable.

NUPROL RZR Biodegradable BBs marry top-tier performance with environmental stewardship. Suitable for use in any setting, from backyard skirmishes to competitive fields, these BBs adhere to the ISO 14855-1 standard for biodegradable plastics. Players can enjoy the same high performance as traditional polymer BBs while contributing to a greener planet, ensuring that their passion for airsoft does not come at the earth’s expense.

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