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Nuprol POWER Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1450mAh Mini Tamiya – Stick

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Ideal for a wide range of electric-powered hobbies, this battery is a testament to Nuprol’s excellence in quality, offering a high discharge rate, lightweight profile, and comprehensive compatibility with airsoft replicas.

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Nuprol POWER Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1450mAh Mini Tamiya – Stick is a premier solution designed to propel airsoft enthusiasts to peak performance. Crafted for compatibility across a spectrum of airsoft replicas and beyond—from remote-controlled vehicles to drones and electric scooters—this battery exemplifies versatility and efficiency. Produced in an ISO 9000 Quality Control accredited manufacturing facility, it represents the pinnacle of battery technology with premium cells, leads, and connectors, ensuring your gameplay is uninterrupted and dynamic.

This battery stands out with its formidable specifications: a 7.4v LiPo capacity of 1450mAh and a dynamic discharge rate of 30C/60C @ 43.5A/87A (Cont/Burst). It’s specifically engineered for Airsoft AEGs, catering to the initial burst needed to start the motor and the continuous discharge required for sustained action. Expect around two minutes of continuous discharge, which is perfect for AEGs with advanced setups like upgraded motors or MOSFET systems.

The Nuprol POWER Airsoft Battery is renowned for its superior size/weight to capacity ratio, thanks to the LiPo technology, allowing for more efficient use of space and weight without sacrificing power. It’s designed to be charged at any level without harming the battery’s lifespan, courtesy of its no memory effect feature, and it demands a LiPo Balance Charger for optimal maintenance. Adhering to safety, charging this battery within a fire-retardant safe charging bag is advisable.

Sized to fit the stock buffer tube of rear-wired Airsoft Replicas and equipped with a Mini Tamiya connector for broad compatibility, verifying the fit against your device’s specifications for perfect integration is essential. The Nuprol POWER Airsoft Battery undergoes stringent quality control, shipped with an optimal charge (>60%) to mitigate degradation during transit or storage, reflecting Nuprol’s commitment to excellence and reliability. Nuprol POWER Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1450mAh Mini Tamiya – Stick.

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