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NUPROL Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1550mAh Mini Tamiya

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Ideal for airsoft and other hobbies, this Lithium Polymer battery offers an excellent capacity-to-size ratio, ensuring longer playtime and reliability. Manufactured in an ISO-accredited facility with premium materials, it features a Mini-Tamiya connector for wide compatibility and is designed for easy fitment in airsoft replicas.

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NUPROL Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1550mAh Mini Tamiya, a powerhouse of performance designed to keep you in the game longer. Crafted with the demanding player in mind, this battery is part of NUPROL’s elite range of energy solutions catering to airsoft enthusiasts and hobbyists across various sectors, including RC vehicles, drones, and more.

With its origins in an ISO 9000 Quality Control accredited manufacturing plant, this battery is a testament to NUPROL’s commitment to excellence. It features premium leads, connectors, and cells, ensuring reliable and consistent power delivery.

The NUPROL Airsoft Battery has state-of-the-art Lithium Polymer technology and boasts an impressive size-to-capacity ratio. This means you can fire more shots without the burden of a bulky battery. The LiPo 7.4v 1550mAh capacity is tailored to offer about 3 minutes of continuous discharge at peak performance, making it perfect for extended play.

Notably, this battery supports a “Burst” flow rate essential for starting motors, followed by a “Continuous” flow rate for sustained discharge, ensuring your AEG operates smoothly with every trigger pull.

This battery’s compatibility extends to airsoft replicas using a Mini-Tamiya connector, a standard in the industry for reliability and ease of use. It’s designed to fit snugly in the stock buffer tube of rear-wired Airsoft Replicas, though checking the fit against your replica’s battery compartment is recommended for optimal compatibility.

NUPROL’s meticulous quality control processes, from production in an accredited facility to shipping batteries at an optimal charge of ≥60% to prevent degradation, highlight their unparalleled commitment to providing you with a superior product. Whether upgrading your AEG’s performance or ensuring you have the power to last through the most intense skirmishes, the NUPROL Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1550mAh Mini Tamiya is your go-to choice for reliability, performance, and quality.

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