Maylawn Long Range 2 Way Radios

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Unparalleled communication over distances up to 4km. Featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, easy operation for all ages, and crystal-clear voice transmission, these portable radios are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with noise reduction, an LED torch, and VOX hands-free communication.

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Maylawn Long Range 2 Way Radios are designed to connect you over vast distances. Whether navigating through bustling city streets or exploring the serene wilderness, these walkie-talkies boast an impressive range, reaching up to 3-4 kilometres in open terrain and maintaining connectivity for 1-50 floors within buildings. By simply matching the channel, their compatibility with other BF-88E models ensures seamless communication in any setting.

Powered by a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, each radio promises long-lasting use, with 8-12 hours of continuous operation and 4-5 hours of quick charging. This reliability means you can stay in touch throughout the day without interruption, whether for work, play, or emergencies.

Designed with simplicity in mind, these walkie-talkies are user-friendly for all ages. Adults, children, and the elderly can effortlessly use them by turning on the device, selecting a channel, and pressing the PTT button to communicate. Adding DCS and CTCSS noise reduction functions ensures crystal-clear voice transmission, while a built-in LED torch enhances usability in low-light conditions. With 16 memory channels and a VOX function for hands-free communication, these radios are perfect for various activities, from outdoor adventures like bicycling and hiking to indoor events.

Not just a practical tool, the Maylawn Long Range 2 Way Radios are an excellent gift for adults and children, offering a lifetime of customer support. They are an indispensable companion for marketplaces, shopping centres, amusement parks, and home care, proving to be as versatile as reliable. With their generous range and user-friendly design, these walkie-talkies ensure you stay connected, no matter where your adventures take you.

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