Makerfire 14 in 1 Airsoft Battery Multi Charging Lead

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Featuring 14 different adapters, including Deans Ultra-type, JST, and many more, this multi-charging lead is compatible with most serial chargers, ensuring your batteries are always ready for action.

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The Makerfire 14-in-1 Airsoft Battery Multi Charging Lead is a versatile charging solution designed to keep you prepared and powered for any situation. This innovative charging accessory brings unparalleled convenience to your airsoft and RC hobby experiences, featuring an impressive array of 14 charging adapters in a single, compact design. With plugs that fit most serial chargers, this charging lead ensures you’re never left searching for the right connector again.

This all-encompassing set includes connectors for Deans Ultra-type, JST, Futaba J servo, Traxxas-type, EC3 (E-Flite), and even a charge connector for glow ignitors, among others. Whether you’re looking to power up your micro-size aircraft with a Blade mCX Connector or need the reliability of a Dean’s Micro Plug, the Makerfire charging lead has you covered. Its comprehensive selection also caters to Futaba and JR Transmitter Charge Plugs, ensuring your control gear is always ready.

But it’s not just about variety but quality and convenience. The Makerfire 14-in-1 Charging Lead is crafted with hobbyists’ needs in mind, offering a straightforward solution to the often complicated task of managing multiple battery types and connectors. Each connector is carefully selected to provide a secure, efficient charge, reducing the risk of damage to your valuable equipment.

Packaged with one 14-in-1 RC Battery Charger Charging Lead Adapter Cable, this product is a testament to Makerfire’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re at the field, track, or anywhere in between, the Makerfire 14-in-1 Airsoft Battery Multi Charging Lead ensures you’re always prepared for action.

NUPROL RZR – Biodegradable Airsoft BBs – 0.30g (3500R)

NUPROL Power 7.4v LiPo 1100mAh 2S Deans battery



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