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An advanced, multi-functional charger designed for a wide range of battery types. It features a clear LCD, versatile charging modes, and comprehensive safety protections. Compatible with Lipo, LiFe, Lilon, LiHV, NiCD, NiMH, PB, and Smart batteries.

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The HTRC LiPo Airsoft Battery Charger 80W is a versatile powerhouse in battery maintenance, designed to cater to a broad spectrum of battery types with precision and efficiency. This multi-functional charger offers charging capabilities and supports discharging, storage, and balance charging functions, ensuring your batteries are optimally maintained for peak performance. Equipped with a 1602 screen, it delivers real-time updates on battery voltage, automatic identification of battery numbers, and internal resistance measurements, all complemented by a visually appealing cool marquee for a straightforward and rapid charging process.

With an advanced microprocessor, this 80W 7A balance charger boasts wide compatibility, capable of handling Lipo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV batteries ranging from 1S – 6S, NiCD/NiMH batteries from 1-15S, PB batteries from 2-20V, and Smart batteries across three generations. Its user-friendly interface, featuring a “Batt.Type” button for selecting battery types and parameter settings, alongside “Dec.” and “Inc.” buttons for current-voltage adjustments, makes operation a breeze.

Data storage and safety are paramount, with this charger saving various battery charging and discharge programs while embracing protections such as charging current, capacity limitation, and charging time limitation. Its construction from fireproof material and a forced ventilation system underscores its commitment to safe, intelligent charging.

The package includes one battery charger, 1 AC power adapter, 1 DC cable, multi-charging cables, and a user manual, providing all necessary tools for efficient charging right out of the box. The B6 Mini V2 Smart Balance charger also features a clear LCD digital display and four charging modes, ensuring compatibility with various battery pack types and connectors from Tamiya to Deans. HTRC Lipo Airsoft Battery Charger 80W.

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HTRC Lipo Airsoft Battery Charger

Haisito 80W Lipo Airsoft Battery Charger

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