Haisito LiPo Airsoft Battery Charger 150W

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A cutting-edge solution for all your battery charging needs, featuring wide compatibility with LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, LiHV, and NiMH/NiCD batteries. It boasts advanced functions like terminal voltage control and smart protection and has an extensive accessory package.

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Haisito LiPo Airsoft Battery Charger 150W is a powerhouse of compatibility and functionality designed for the discerning hobbyist. The C150 model sets itself apart with its wide-ranging support for various battery types, including LiPo/Lilon 3.7V-22.2V (1S-6S), LiFe 3.2V-19.2V (1S-6S), LiHV 3.8V-22.8V (1S-6S), and NiMH/NiCD 1.2V-18V (1S-15S), complete with multiple voltage options for precise charging.

Beyond its compatibility, the C150 charger introduces a suite of advanced features that transcend the capabilities of regular LiPo chargers. Enjoy the benefits of a LiIon and LiPo balancer, fast charging, storage charging, data storage, a battery meter, internal resistance detection, NiMH cyclic charging and discharging, and more, all engineered to optimize your battery packs’ efficiency and lifespan.

The charger’s Terminal Voltage Control is a standout feature. It allows users to tailor the charge/discharge end voltage to their specific needs, ranging from 3.85V to 4.3V per cell. Coupled with its smart protection system, including overcharging protection, low input voltage limit, and more, the C150 ensures your charging process is safe and customizable.

Packaged with a comprehensive set of accessories, including an AC power cord, DC cable, JST 2S-6S charging board, battery-safe bag, and an octopus multi-charging harness with eight common connectors, this charger is ready to meet all your charging needs right out of the box. Its built-in cooling fan prevents overheating, promoting 100% safe charging under all conditions.

Designed for ease of use, the C150 charger guides you through the correct connections and settings for efficient charging. With AC and DC input support and a built-in power supply, this charger adapts to various scenarios, ensuring your batteries are charged correctly and safely every time. Haisito LiPo Airsoft Battery Charger 150W.

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