First and Only Airsoft Red Gas

levate your game with the “First and Only Airsoft Red Gas,” your go-to professional-grade propellant for all weather conditions in the UK. Compatible with a wide range of BB weights and designed with a durable aluminium nozzle, this special formula includes silicone lubrication to maintain your equipment. Trusted by one of Europe’s leading airsoft authorities since 1988.


First and Only Airsoft Red Gas is the professional-grade, dependable gas propellant taking the UK’s airsoft community by storm. Designed with the unpredictable UK climate in mind, this gas ensures your airsoft guns perform at their peak, regardless of the weather. Its compatibility with a comprehensive range of BB weights—from .20 to .43 grams—guarantees versatile use across all your airsoft equipment.

Crafted with an aluminium nozzle, the First and Only Airsoft Red Gas promises excellent fill quality and stands up to the test of durability against breaking and bending. Its special propellant formula is engineered for consistency, incorporating silicone lubrication to nourish your rubber seals and o-rings, thus ensuring your gear remains in top-notch condition. For optimal performance, a good shake before use is all it takes.

Proudly made and distributed by First and Only Airsoft, a titan in the European airsoft market since 1988, this red gas allows you to buy with confidence, knowing you’re getting a product steeped in quality and backed by a legacy of trust and expertise. Elevate your airsoft experience with the First and Only Airsoft Red Gas, where performance meets reliability.


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