Eatpitaya B3 Airsoft Lipo Battery Charger

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A versatile and efficient charging solution for 7.4V and 11.1V lithium batteries. Featuring independent charging ports for simultaneous 2S and 3S lithium battery charging, fast charging times, and built-in protection mechanisms, it ensures your airsoft batteries are quickly and safely charged. With an intuitive LED indicator and compact design, this charger is essential for airsoft players who prioritise performance and convenience.

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Eatpitaya B3 Airsoft Lipo Battery Charger is a cutting-edge solution tailored for airsoft enthusiasts who demand efficiency and versatility in charging their lithium batteries. Compatible with both 7.4V and 11.1V lithium batteries, this charger is designed with two independent ports, allowing for simultaneous charging of 2S and 3S lithium batteries without interference. Its suitability for a range of lithium battery voltages makes it an ideal accessory for players looking to keep their equipment consistently powered.

The Eatpitaya B3 sets itself apart with its rapid charging capability. It boasts an AC input voltage range of 100V-240V and a maximum charging current of 3 x 800mA. Depending on the capacity of your batteries, charging times can range from a mere 1 to 5 hours, ensuring your gear is ready to go when you are.

Safety and battery longevity are core features of the B3 charger, equipped with a built-in independent lithium battery balancer to ensure each cell reaches its optimal charge. Enhanced with over-current, over-temperature, short circuit, and over-voltage protection, it delivers a secure charging environment while maximizing both battery life and performance.

The package includes 1 B3 Lipo Charger and 1 power cable, all securely packed to ensure your new charger arrives undamaged. The charger’s LED indicator system is intuitive, with red lights signaling charging and a steady green light indicating a full charge, making it easy to monitor your battery’s status at a glance.

Crafted for simplicity and compactness, the B3 charger incorporates a charge management IC to charge batteries individually or concurrently, automatically shutting off once fully charged to prevent overcharging. With its smart charging modes catering to different battery power levels, the Eatpitaya B3 is a sophisticated, reliable charging solution that enhances your airsoft experience by keeping your batteries in peak condition. Eatpitaya B3 Airsoft Lipo Battery Charger.

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Eatpitaya B3 Airsoft Lipo Battery Charger



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