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Dye I4 Paintball Goggles in Powder Blue, where performance meets style. Featuring a sleek, light blue design, these goggles offer unmatched clarity with their fog-resistant thermal lens and easy lens interchangeability. Perfect for paintball and airsoft, they deliver comfort, durability, and a wide field of vision, all while ensuring your safety with ASTM certification.

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Dye I4 Pro Paintball Goggles – Powder Blue. A fresh and stylish take on DYE’s legendary eyewear designed for the modern outdoor sports enthusiast. This edition retains the hallmark features of the i4 series—minimalist design, ultralight construction, and unparalleled visual performance—now presented in an eye-catching Powder Blue that combines fashion with function.

The Dye I4 Powder Blue edition has an industry-leading thermal lens renowned for its impeccable clarity. This cutting-edge lens technology ensures that your vision remains sharp, fog-free, and undistorted, regardless of the playing conditions. It’s essential for maintaining focus and accuracy, allowing you to spot opponents and navigate the field easily.

User experience is at the forefront of the Dye I4 Powder Blue’s design, featuring an intuitive lens change system for quick adjustments under changing light conditions. The multi-directional venting system optimizes airflow, reducing the risk of fogging and keeping you comfortable during intense play. The goggles’ wide field of peripheral vision expands your situational awareness, giving you a strategic advantage.

Durability meets comfort in the Dye I4 Powder Blue, with a co-moulded frame that blends robustness with flexibility for a secure fit. The polycarbonate lens is built to withstand the demands of extreme sports, while the 300-stitch count strap ensures the goggles stay put. Safety is paramount, as demonstrated by ASTM certification and the inclusion of a chin strap, affirming the goggles’ protective capabilities.

Popular among both paintball and airsoft players, the Dye I4 Paintball Goggles in Powder Blue stand out for their performance and unique style. Whether weaving through paintball fire or engaging in airsoft tactics, these goggles offer the perfect combination of visual clarity, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

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