Dye I4 PRO Paintball Goggle – Black Olive

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Dye I4 Paintball Goggles in Black Olive, where elite performance meets sophisticated style. This variant features a unique black and olive colour scheme, along with a fog-resistant thermal lens, a quick lens change system, and a comfortable, secure fit. Designed for both paintball and airsoft, these goggles are a testament to safety, durability, and strategic gameplay.

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Dye I4 PRO Paintball Goggle – Black Olive. A sleek and subtle choice for the tactically-minded outdoor sports enthusiast. This version of the esteemed i4 series merges its renowned compact, lightweight structure and supreme visual capabilities with a stylish Black Olive colour scheme, offering a look as strategic as striking.

At the core of the Dye I4 Black Olive edition lies its advanced thermal lens system, celebrated for delivering crystal-clear, fog-resistant, and distortion-free vision under any conditions. This technological marvel is your ally in achieving unrivalled focus and precision on the field, enabling you to discern every detail and movement easily.

The Dye I4 Black Olive goggles are engineered for optimal user experience, featuring a quick and easy lens-swapping system to adapt to any lighting scenario swiftly. The design incorporates an efficient venting system that enhances airflow, preventing fog buildup and ensuring your comfort during the most heated moments of play. These goggles’ extended peripheral vision capability broadens your view of the battlefield, providing a competitive edge by enhancing your awareness.

Crafted for durability and comfort, the goggles have a co-moulded frame that perfectly balances strength and flexibility for a secure yet comfortable fit—the robust polycarbonate lens and a high-strength 300-stitch count strap guarantee that your goggles remain firmly in place. Safety is paramount, as underscored by the goggles’ ASTM certification and the inclusion of a chin strap, reinforcing the commitment to your protection.

Favoured by players in both paintball and airsoft, the Dye I4 Paintball Goggles in Black Olive are celebrated for their fusion of performance and aesthetic appeal. They provide exceptional visual clarity and comfort and a tactical advantage with their unique colourway, making them a top choice for players looking to excel in style.

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