Dye I4 / i5 Paintball Goggle Thermal lens – Bronze Fire

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Featuring Dyetanium technology for reduced glare and improved vision in low light, this lens offers privacy, 100% UV protection, and superior clarity. With permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, it’s the perfect addition for any player seeking a competitive edge in clarity and durability.

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Dye I4 / i5 Paintball Goggle Thermal lens – Bronze Fire. A cutting-edge upgrade designed to elevate your game to new heights. This innovative lens is infused with Dyetanium technology, offering a smoked finish that significantly reduces glare and enhances vision in low-light and shadowed environments. Perfect for players who navigate diverse terrains, the Bronze Fire lens ensures you never miss a moment of action due to lighting challenges.

In addition to its tactical advantages, the Bronze Fire lens provides a subtle level of privacy with its lightly smoked finish, setting it apart from other DYE lenses. This feature allows you to maintain anonymity on the field, keeping your opponents guessing while you stay focused on the game.

Safety and performance go hand in hand with 100% UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful rays during outdoor play. The lens is optically corrected to deliver superior clarity, ensuring that your vision is always sharp and unobstructed.

Durability is paramount in the design of the Bronze Fire lens, which is 4d-coated to provide permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch protection. This ensures that your lens remains pristine, game after game, allowing you to invest in your performance without worrying about wear and tear. Whether aiming for precision in a crucial match or practising in challenging conditions, the Dye I4 / i5 Paintball Goggle Thermal Lens in Bronze Fire is your ally for clear, protected, and enhanced paintball or airsoft field vision.

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