Abbey Predator 144A Airsoft Gun Gas 270ml Price: £9.30 (as of 19/05/2024 08:19 PST- Details)

The ultimate gas for lighter guns and indoor play. It ensures optimal power without damage, enhanced with UPL lubricant for top condition and eco-friendly alternatives.

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Abbey Predator 144A Airsoft Gun Gas 270ml is a meticulously engineered solution designed to optimize the performance of lighter airsoft guns and is ideally suited for indoor gameplay. This high-performance gas ensures that your airsoft guns achieve optimal power and performance levels, all while maintaining the integrity of the gun’s components, preventing any damage that other, more aggressive gases could cause.

One of the standout features of Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144A is its specially formulated lubricant, UPL. This additive is crucial in maintaining all seals and moving parts of your airsoft gun, ensuring they remain in peak condition. The result is not only improved power but also enhanced performance, allowing for a smoother operation and a more reliable shooting experience.

Furthermore, Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144A presents an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to traditional 134A gas. Its formulation is designed to minimize environmental impact, offering a responsible choice for airsoft enthusiasts conscious of their ecological footprint.

Ideal for use in warmer weather, this gas is the ultimate choice for players seeking a balance between high power, superior performance, and environmental responsibility. Whether engaged in intense indoor skirmishes or enjoying casual target practice, Abbey Predator 144A Airsoft Gun Gas 270ml is the key to unlocking your airsoft gun’s full potential.


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