Airsoft is a combat simulation event where participants fire small bio-degradable plastic pellets to eliminate the opposition and achieve a pre-determined objective.
It’s very similar to Paintball, but the equipment is much more realistic, and the scenarios tend to be more militaristic.

Airsoft Game Map


Whilst Airsoft still uses the same face protection as Paintball, the rest of the equipment is very different. Players typically use replica guns that look like the real thing. This is usually an M4 or M4 variant. Magazines are used that clip into place, just as you would see on TV. Each magazine holds around 300 Airsoft pellets, and the guns fire in semi-auto and fully automatic modes. Basically, you get to shoot a machine gun.

Group of airsoft players

Airsoft Rules

The rules are similar to paintball but with one very obvious difference. The pellets do not burst on impact. They simply “Hit” you. You usually hear the hit rather than feel it, though. So, there is no clear mark when hit. This means that players must be very honest within the game. Airsoft is based on honour, and the games reflect this obvious potential to cheat.
In Paintball, you are generally out of the game when you are hit. In Airsoft, the games tend to be more objective-based rather than elimination-based. So, usually, you get unlimited respawns throughout the game, and the team that wins is the team that achieves the objective rather than the team that shoots out the most opposition. This may sound strange, but it works very well.

Airsoft Stag Do

Airsoft Safety

All players are given a full and comprehensive safety briefing before playing. They are also given a set of Paintball goggles to protect their eyes, face and ears. When shot in the game, you shout “Out” and respawn from your starting point. There are no minimum shooting distances as in paintball, as Airsoft pellets hit at 10% of the energy of a Paintball. There can be a slight risk of marks on exposed skin, but generally, airsoft pellets leave no marks when you are hit on clothing.

Let’s play

Airsoft is a superb event for all players over the age of 12 years. It is very popular with teen birthday events and Stag Do’s, as most people have grown up with mil-sim style computer games and know all about the hardware they will be using.
And that’s what Airsoft is: a computer game played in the woods and away from a screen. Players get some exercise, get to interact with their friends and have a great time. You can book your event online, or alternatively, call us on 01757 289322 and we can book you in manually.

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